December 23, 2011
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Gear Essentials: What to Pack When Deer Hunting

Don't forget this gear when hunting.

Preparation is crucial to any enjoyable hunting trip. When hiking in the wild, you want to pack as light as possible, but forgetting an essential item can compromise your hunt’s success. This list of deer hunting essentials is your guide to packing for deer hunting success.

The minimalist hunter may prefer a handgun for deer hunting. Rifles and shotguns are also popular, but adding a sling helps you transport the weapon safely and easily. Something to carry extra ammunition your hunting license, a deer tag and good hunting knife are all that are necessary if you know the area you are hunting in and prefer to pack light.

The type of gear bag, fanny pack or back pack you use to store and transport your gear often determines how much you pack. If you prefer to pack light, a utility belt and a fanny pack may be all you are willing to carry. Those boy scouts at heart who still live by the “Be Prepared” motto, prefer a backpack or large gear bag suitable for full size binoculars, a well stocked first aid kit and extra supplies.


Improving Your Odds

Deer have excellent hearing, so be sure to wear warm, quiet clothing. Camouflage hunting gloves are great for reducing your chances of being seen. A Next, binoculars, scent markers, and a few maps of your chosen hunting area are useful as well.


Safety Gear

Safety in the wild is an important part of hunting. Carrying a cell phone has become standard practice for most. A GPS unit or a compass, a snake bite kit, insect repellant, water purification tablets, an emergency thermal blanket, a lighter or matches, ear plugs, a flashlight with extra batteries and a multi-purpose tool are all good items to carry in your pack.


Items for Overnight Hunting

When hunting at dusk and camping until dawn, a few items are needed in addition to the basic deer hunting gear. Compressed heating fuel, 40 feet of nylon cord and a tarp for a shelter, an extra set of dry gloves and socks, trail mix or easy to prepare meals, a utility candle, 50 feet of heavy cord to hang your deer, rain gear and possibly a change of clothes are all essentials when hunting overnight. Don’t forget extra water purification tablets, a water bottle or a plastic jug of tap water from home.


Each hunter packs his own set of gear that includes the basics and a few tried and true hunting items. Pack light and keep your gear dry. Always put safety first and your time spent hunting deer will be safe and enjoyable.

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